Owner/Master Stylist

I am proud to be a hairstylist and a salon owner. I have been in the hair industry for over 13 years now. I love my job because I get to make every person who sits in my chair feel great about themselves. I get to meet so many new people every day and everyone has a different story and wants a different look, and I get to help them accomplish it. I love to go to classes and learn the latest trends and styles and bring them back to my clients. I specialize in highlights, balayage, ombre, box color correction, haircuts, styles, updo’s, hair extensions, etc.



Master Stylist

Marina is creative hairstylist and a colorist with 15 years of experience specializing in airtouch, color correction, relationship building, client relations, and upselling techniques. A proven track record of recommending ideal cuts and styles for clients based on texture, head shape, and individual needs. Marina has a strong history of delivering high-quality hairstyling and beauty services to support client vision. Marina is a creative makeup artist with 15 years of experience delivering high-end makeup services for clients. Advanced knowledge of a wide range of makeup application techniques.


Master Stylist

Alena is a hair stylist with an incredible aptitude for understanding a variety of hair types and textures. Alena has the skill and knowledge to craft dynamic styles that bring out the best in all hair types. Alena is a hair stylist with a vibrant energy in the salon, providing a relaxed but professional atmosphere. Alena has an innate ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while also ensuring her customers get the best look they can.


Master Stylist

Ritu is a hair stylist with an amazing talent for creating unique, timeless looks. Ritu has an unrivaled ability to think outside of the box, allowing her to craft incredible works of art with every style. Ritu is a hair stylist with an incredible passion for helping people look and feel beautiful. Ritu excel in creating looks that add personality and flair to her customers, no matter their age or hairstyle.


Master Stylist

What started as a hobby, has now grown into a passion for hairdressing and styling. Olesya, a licensed cosmetologist and a hairstylist. She has experience in hairstyling, coloring, and providing various hair treatments. Olesya is a very joyful person who always treats her clients with love and respect.